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Sacred Prana is an amazing CST Therapist.

Sacred Prana is an amazing CST Therapist.  I was suffering with neck pain and had been unable to find relief. At the first session I was amazed that I could feel waves as she released tension I did not know existed and I immediately felt taller. To my surprise the session also alleviated headaches I did not know I had and I slept much better and did not wake up with my usual soreness. After two sessions the pain disappeared. I will definitely return for “maintenance” and  call for an appointment next time at the first hint of tightness or pain.

Leslie Price

No more headaches and my neck and back feel great!

Sacred Prana is amazing! Before finding Sacred Prana I had not tried craniosacral therapy for relief of knots in my back, neck pain, and headaches all resulting from stress and working at a computer most of the day. Chiropractic and massage only provided a little relief. Sacred Prana ’s skill using craniosacral therapy identified the source of my problem and treated it. No more headaches and my neck and back feel great! Stress and sitting at a computer were the cause of my problems. Sacred Prana showed me how to do simple exercises / stretches targeted to my individual needs so my muscles don’t become so tense. I have practiced yoga for about 9 months but it was not helping with the pain. She worked with me on improving my yoga poses and modifying them to suit my abilities and needs. Now I get much more out of my yoga practice and it helps to keep my stress level to a minimum. Another plus…my posture is now really good. Thank you Jotina!

K.C. Miller

Expertise and gentle care make this results-oriented therapy – professional, relaxing, and worthwhile.

I decided to take 5 sessions because I have recurring pain from a degenerated disk above the L-5 / S-1 joint where I had Transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) surgery, which is a back fusion. I have recurring sciatic pain that makes me less energetic than I should be. To be noted is that I dance nearly 6 nights a week and have for many years. I’m well past my mid-sixties and my body isn’t in great shape and my diet hasn’t been the best. Unlike the soreness that is brought about by a deep tissue massage (and I’ve tried a few different massage therapies) – The CST work was pleasant, gentle and relaxing. Her therapy approach is so gentle that I slept for at least an hour during each of five sessions. Unlike the deep sleep from an afternoon nap where you wake up groggy – these efforts resulted in a feeling as if a weight was removed from my back and the sleep was genuinely relaxing. The after-effect of each of the sessions was that I was more alert and in significantly less pain than before I started. The sciatic pain was absent each time. I have serious mechanical issues with the disk degenerating at L-4 so I’m not likely to completely remove the pain but this is the closest I’ve come. In my opinion – the expertise and gentle care make this results-oriented therapy – professional, relaxing, and worthwhile.