Decrease anxiety, enhance sleep quality, improve energy.

Craniosacral Therapy

Enjoy relief from the healing hands of holistic therapy.

Natural Healing Benefits

Reduces Stress & Tension

Supports Better Sleep

Enhances Brain Activity

Balances Emotions

Enhances Physical Performance

Reduces Pain

Mission Statement

“ To inspire and facilitate healing and wellness for each individual’s needs. We are all beautiful, deserving and desire to live life to our highest level. ”

Natural Healing

Our healing approach is holistic in nature, drawing from knowledge of anatomy, yoga, Thai yoga, massage techniques, stretching, muscular release techniques, visceral and cranial therapies to help the client regain and retain wellness. These techniques effectively help to treat and reduce effects of stress, anxiety, chronic pain and many other ailments.

craniosacral with a client


Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy provides subtle shifts which take place during your craniosacral treatment. These shifts help to reorganize your brain with your body for up to a week after treatment. After treatment you may experience pain in another area of the body. It is possible that as we address one problem area, another may show itself because our bodies often carry several layers of stresses, whether physical or emotional. Once the top layer of dysfunction has been addressed, another layer could reveal itself, especially if the body is ready to deal with that layer as well. Others may not ever feel much during a treatment but, may notice within two days to one week that their pain has gone away or that their problem seems to be resolved. This varies from person to person.

About Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy Benefits
About Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a holistic treatment involving light, therapeutic touch administered to the head, neck, and other troublesome areas throughout the body that are preventing the exchange of cerebrospinal fluid.  The craniosacral system is the soft tissue and fluid that protects, nourishes and cleanses the brain and spinal cord (the central nervous system). This system is responsible for the production and circulation of craniosacral fluid. It is influenced by the nervous, muscoskeletal, respiratory, lymphatic, vascular and endocrine systems. Tension or dysfunction in these systems may influence the craniosacral system, which in turn may affect the central nervous system.

Practitioners of this natural therapy use selective pressures to manipulate the cranial bones, offering guests the feeling of deep relaxation during and after the session.

*Cranial Sacral and Craniosacral are used interchangeably to “name” this therapy.

Craniosacral Therapy Benefits

Craniosacral Therapy can help everyone by enhancing his or her physical and emotional well-being.  These therapeutic enhancements decrease stresses and restrictions on the craniosacral system that reduce its performance efficiency.  An imbalance or dysfunction in the craniosacral system can cause sensory, motor and/or neurological dysfunction.


The positive effect of this healing modality encourages the body’s own natural healing mechanisms to dissipate the negative effects of trauma and stress. Craniosacral therapy not only affects structural change, but may increase physical vitality, enhance well-being and increase resiliency. Craniosacral therapy may help people overcome health challenges by offering the following benefits:


  • Reducing pain associated with headaches, TMJ, and discomfort of other chronic pain issues
  • Reducing the negative effects of stress
  • Balancing of emotions and anxiety
  • Supporting deep restful sleep
  • Reducing symptoms associated with fatigue or hyperactivity
  • Balancing of brain and memory function
  • Rebalancing digestive and immune systems
  • Enhancing mental and physical performance


**Clinical studies have shown that Craniosacral Therapy has reduced the incidence of adverse effects in patients who have suffered traumatic brain syndrome as well as other accidents.