My Experience & Education

I was first introduced to body work in 1995 before massage was accepted as a mainstream healing modality. I embarked into Shiatsu style massage by enrolling in massage therapy school. Life took hold and I got swept away to make a “real living.” However, my interest in massage was still strong so, I continued to practice on friends and family. Time went by…yoga, people, careers then something happened…

I had always had a weak digestive system but, when I became extremely stressed by an awful relationship, I developed an extremely painful case of pancreatitis. My system didn’t get better and it gradually grew worse to the point that my elimination process just shut down. I sought help from mainstream medical professionals, natural medicine alternatives, and massage modalities. I got imaging such as ERCP, CT, MRI, ultrasound, and colonoscopy which all came back to reveal nothing was wrong. What? My pain got worse from my foot to my head, like someone was slicing me open.

Finally, I found Visceral Manipulation (VM) and Craniosacral Therapy (CST). It calmed my system and a slow healing occurred. I was immediately attracted to these modalities! This was something I was attuned to. I was encouraged by my visceral therapist to enroll into classes. I enrolled and completed Visceral Manipulation classes at Barrel Institute.

During my VM classes I found I had a good touch and the ability to listen and feel the movement of organs and the body. All of the body’s organs and systems are run by the brain, sending and receiving electrical impulses. These electrical impulses are transmitted through spine. Craniosacral fluid flowing between the brain and spine keep the brain-spine connection lubricated and healthy which ignite all other bodily systems through clear nerve signals.

I found that this is not instant remedy.  I began to understand that it took years for my body to get out of balance and was going to take time to bring it back into balance and good health.

As part of my commitment to learning and providing the best care to my clients, I continue to study alternative modalities to expand my understanding of body’s vast systems and how they relate to our individual weaknesses and experiences.

My Compassion, caring and desire to help others recover, heal and find deeper wellness within each of their lives helps me strive to be better every day, for you. I hope that I can help you, pay it forward, as others have helped me in my healing.


Licensed Massage Therapist MT-27267

Cranial Sacral Therapy at Upledger Institue and Healing Arts Connection: Theory and use of cranial neural pathway releases and emotional release therapies to unwind extremity and spinal dysfunctional patterns.  Evaluation and applied practice of thoracic, sphenoid, cerebellum, TMJ releases.  Study of the emotional centers, nerve interventions, parasympathetic, sympathetic, and autonomic nervous systems.

Cranial Sacral Therapy for Concussions and Cranial Nerves at Upledger Institute: Concussion as a whole body CST treatment for recovery.  Study of the cranial nerves.

Visceral Manipulation Therapy at Barrel Institute:  Dynamics of motion and suspension in relation to organs, membranes and ligaments. Skills to locate, evaluate and normalize primary areas of dysfunction within the abdominal cavity.    Assessment, palpitation, and release of restrictions of abdominal organs. How to engage with each organ to effect mobility and motility to create better functionality. Completed (VM1, VM 2)

Neuro Manipulation at Upledger Institute: Theory, evaluation and techniques used to release nerves that may be restricted and causing pain. Completed NM1. NM2.

Medical Massage Therapy: Erik Dalton and David Morin’s course works on how to treat joints, injury and chronic issues of the body.

Lymphatic at Advanced Massage Arts & Education: whole body and head lymphatic drainage systems.